Hyde Weekly: 9/5 – 9/11

Bath Highlights:

Classes Begin: Classes began on Monday morning! Students met the night before and shared some of their hopes for the academic year. Gaining acceptance to their top college choice was high on many of the seniors’ lists. It was very encouraging to hear so many of the students be excited about their goals and potential, and to publicly share their intellectual and academic goals.

Discovery Groups: Each student and faculty member did a “Who am I?” exercise in their discovery group this week in which they spoke about themselves for about 2 ½ minutes. During this time, they were able to talk only about their strengths, challenges, hopes, fears and family. Discovery Groups meet weekly for activities and seminars as well as having lunch together each Friday.

School Meeting: Back to Basics – This week’s meeting was on curiosity, one of the five words adorning Hyde School’s shield. Students and faculty shared questions they would like to have answered, such as:

  • Scientists always say that the universe is expanding. If so, what is it expanding into?
  • How do jelly fish reproduce?
  • Why does your beard get thicker from shaving?
  • Why do we only use 10% of our brain capacity?

Then we talked about how we might intentionally work on cultivating curiosity about ourselves and our potential during the year. Rachel de Molina said, “I worked hard and made the varsity soccer team and I want to find out how good of an athlete I can be.”

Woodstock Highlights:

Morning Meeting!: This year, we are starting each morning with thirty minutes of community time. Faculty members Kevin Folan and Mark Duethorn have set up a snappy format that includes music, Power Point visuals, Hyde principles and humorous contests to help center all of us. Seniors Will Sobo and Ryan Delaney engaged in a simulated room clean-up on stage while faculty members have been quizzed on names and faces in a game show format. So far, a great way to start the day!

Life Stories: At Hyde, “Who you are” is more important then “What you can do.” We began our first school meeting of the year with several students and faculty finding the courage to stand and talk about their life’s defining moments, important successes and struggles and key relationships that have impacted their journey. The following shared themselves:

  • Haruka Koda – shared her experiences living all over the world and her quest to put herself before her achievements.
  • Jake Schuster – talked how his anger held him back last year and the role models in his own family who help him.
  • Mr. Bill Fabiano – shared the impact of his father and grandfather, and some of his successes and failures.
  • Simi DeAngelis – explored her role in her family and her deep commitment to help those in need.
  • Adam Ben Hanania – shared the loss of family members and revealed a side of himself that is ready to do something this year.

A time to remember: As we have each September since 9/11, the community gathered in the cultural center Friday morning to remember those who loss their life and also to reflect on those around the world who have suffered through no fault of their own. Faculty member Pam Bertschy opened it up for comments and then led us through “Amazing Grace.” Terry Walsh played the bagpipes and Anthony Pullis stated, “I miss my dad.”

Schools are for students. Hyde is for families. School has begun for all of us! –Don, Laura