The First Meeting

Last Thursday Dan Osar, Lynn Dawes, Karen McGovern and I met for the first time this year with the Senior Class of 2010. We handed out a nifty new Workbook as well as covered some of the basic themes, resources, means of communication and tips for the coming year. There was a buzz in the air and we could tell the seniors are feeling the oncoming experience of the College Process. Some are nervous, some are confident, and everyone has done some progress towards their college goals. We ended the meeting with some prizes for most times accessing Naviance and the Method Test Prep through Naviance.

This week we will begin meeting with half of the senior class once a week during English classes on Thursdays and Fridays – this will give John Rigney some time with a more intimate group of seniors and it will give us a chance to get to see what the seniors have done so far and what their next steps are. John will start his essay unit with the seniors in the next week or so. When I’ve told students that they will still get some support with their essays, you could see the relief in their eyes. Step by step, as the fall trimester progresses, each student will find their path to completed applications.

We’ll be updating our blog a few times a week. Sometimes we’ll profile a student’s experience as they move through the process. Keep an eye out for what we’re up to on the College Chronicles.