Biggest Job goes to Richmond, VA

On Thursday, August 26th, about 60 parents of middle school students at St Mary’s Catholic School in Richmond, VA participated in the 90 minute Biggest Job Workshop. Gathered in the school hall from 10 to 11:30 a.m., the middle school parents did the exercises of the workshop: What do I want my children to be like 20 years from now? Who Am I? What attitudes do I see in myself that I also see in my child?

Friday evening and all day Saturday, August 28th and 29th, 15 St. Mary’s parents participated in a Biggest Job training – some to be presenters of the 90 minute workshop, others to be facilitators of small group parent meetings which the school hopes to implement this fall.

The training culminated with the St. Mary’s parents doing the Public Self / Private Self journaling, and then reading their answers and sharing with the group in a real Hyde seminar. Although the parents were not used to the emotion that the questions brought up, especially when they looked at how they see themselves in their children, they pushed through and shared some very meaningful thoughts and experiences with each other.

I was thrilled to have worked with such a great group of parents and to see our programs move forward in other communities who want this for their families.