The Power of Compromise

It’s 11:30 pm…I hear a knock on my door as I’m awoken from my slumber. Uh oh…what could possibly be going on? My heart starts to pound as I begin to think about the potential issues that wait outside my door. Fortunately, I breathe a sigh of relief as a young man is standing before me telling me that his roommate is being too loud and that he cannot sleep. As I follow him into his room to do some problem solving, I come to find out that his roommate farted…loudly…VERY loudly. So loudly in fact that he too was woken up from a dead sleep. As disgruntled as I was with the late night disturbance for such a minor infraction, I had to laugh. We had a brief chat and decided we could deal with the rest in the morning.

Today the three of us sat down to figure out what was going on other than the flatulence. It became clear that both roommates had some problems with the other, that the night prior was the “last straw,” and that they wanted new roommates…immediately! We then had a thirty minute discussion on the importance of compromise in any relationship, particularly with a roommate. Because both students were able to openly discuss the problems they had with one another and then come to some level of understanding, they learned a valuable tool at Hyde and in life: the power of compromise. In the meantime, we’re not serving beans in the Dining Hall. I love my job.