Any Beatles Fans Out There?

by Kevin Folan

One of the many challenges our groups faced, and conquered, during our quest into the woods of Eustis, ME was preparing a skit to show off to the rest of the school on the culminating morning of our journey. The Wolfpack Discovery Group, led by Mark Duethorn and Will Cutrer, blew everyone out of the water with their creative interpretations of their trip. The highpoint of their dramatic performance was the creation of four “altered” songs to get across certain themes experienced during their trip. Here are the lyrics for my favorite of the four songs that highlights one of my favorite students here, Jake Abelman:

Come Together (Think Beatles – Abbey Road)

Here come old Jakey
He’s got, grumpy manners
He’s got, homesick sadness
He’s got bugs, down, to his knees
He won’t clean no dishes,
He just do what he please
Come together, right now, over Jake (Abelman).