Leave it Better Than You Found It

by Kevin Folan

Earlier this week I gave a brief presentation to our new students on a crash course on the Hyde culture and some common “Do’s and commserviceDon’ts” we’ve experienced over the years. One of the things we discussed is the notion of “Leaving It better than you found it.” Students and faculty will often demonstrate this idea when picking up some trash around campus or tidying up a dirty room they enter. Today, we took this concept to a different level. Always looking to give back, we had the opportunity to do a cleanup of beautiful Roseland Park this morning for about 90 minutes. While it was far from t he most glamorous work, the trash we picked up, the sand and dirt we swept, and the leaves we raked made a huge difference in Woodstock. New Jersey native Bailey Bloom noted, “I was surprised at how clean Roseland Park was because where I’m from it’s completely gross.” My hope is that when Bailey goes home, she’ll take the chance to help out her community. I firmly believe that if everyone had a little more Hyde, the world would be a better (and cleaner) place.