August Orientation Week 1 Wrap Up

by Kevin Folan

And we’re off… In what has become a summer tradition for unifying the Bath and Woodstock campuses, the August Orientation is off to a roaring start. With a schedule packed full of a wide range of activities, three themes were set forth to guide the student body in order to accomplish our daily mission: Carpe Diem (“Seize the Day” for those of us who are not Latin scholars)!

  • Do or Do Not; There is no Try – Our first week has been chock-full of new experiences. From the Hyde tradition of the “introduction” to climbing Mt. Monadnock, and even singing a cappella for the “audition,” every student met and conquered each challenge set forth.
  • We tell the truth – Since we learn the most through taking risks and making mistakes, integrity and honesty are staples in the Hyde community. We are not looking for perfection, but rather doing one’s best and truth is our guide in getting there.
  • It’s about the details – Whether it is looking our best in dress code, arriving in a timely fashion, or leaving our newly refurbished student lounge better than we found it, the new student body has embraced the rigor and discipline of the more intricate details around campus.

Academics during the summer? – On Thursday morning, we gathered to talk about our own attitudes towards academics and gave a brief overview of our three classes. Veteran faculty member Mark Duethorn explained the difference between a typical classroom and a Hyde classroom, highlighting what we call the “learning triangle,” whereby the teacher and student partner to better understand the subject material. In an effort to stimulate both sides of the brain, each student takes an Autobiography class, a performing arts improvisation workshop, and a course looking at the roles of Freedom and Responsibility in our lives.

Physical challenges – Between the timed mile run on Tuesday afternoon and climbing Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH on Wednesday, the entire school was feeling achy but accomplished at the tail end of our week. Among our many highlights from the mile run was Jonathan Sanbar’s first place finish after arriving on campus just a few hours earlier…talk about jumping in! During our day hike, Laura Dosch helped set the tone with a positive attitude and incredible work ethic as she helped lead her group up the mountain. I’m excited to see her do the same this week when we climb Cranberry Mountain in Eustis, ME.

Mandatory Fun – Saturday night we took a trip into Cambridge, MA to enjoy some pizza at Bertucci’s and take in an Improv show. Despite the traffic on the Mass Pike, we scarfed down some pies and laughed until our sides hurt with the Improv Asylum’s talented actors. It was a great way to finish the week.

We head up to our wilderness property in Eustis, ME on Tuesday and return on Friday. The forecast is calling for beautiful weather, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a great trip for everyone. Have a great week!