Intellectual and Moral Character

By Kevin Folan

My co-pilot for the August Orientation and master Hyde teacher, Mark Duethorn, taught us about intellectual and moral character during today’s morning meeting. He described intellectual character as the pursuit of the truth regardless of where it may lead. In contrast, but equally important, moral character is the action of doing the right thing, regardless of where it may lead. In reflecting on these two ideas, two students came to mind who have demonstrated each of these character traits.

The moment of intellectual character took place yesterday when freshman Evan Berger took the opportunity to speak with his father about some difficult stuff that had been bothering him for a few years. Despite his fears about his father’s possible reactions, Evan took the necessary risk and said what he needed to. Evan’s dad was inspired by his courage.

Rising junior Laura Dosch offered the most vivid demonstration of moral character this week. Our first night on Sunday, Laura, along with every other student, student leader, and faculty member “introduced” themselves on stage in front of the student body. Mr. Duethorn had to ask Laura a number of times to redo her introduction because she was bashful and quiet. Today, a different young lady was on stage. Laura stood in front of the school as a confident young woman and belted out a remarkable audition song without hesitation.

Watching these teenagers transform before my eyes keeps me coming back for more year after year. I’m excited to see more great stuff this summer!