Hyde-Bath Summer Challenge Week 3

We are mid-way through our summer and working toward our goal of developing a character culture. Overall, students have approached each new challenge with an open attitude and genuine effort. Even though most of the students didn’t choose to be at Hyde, they recognize what this process has to offer. A graduate once compared Hyde to Popeye’s spinach – it doesn’t always taste great, but it makes you stronger.

Our challenge continues to be honesty – with self and others. Trusting a community with your deepest self takes courage. We continue to work on harnessing the rebel spirit to create responsible and inspiring leaders who bet on the truth!

The week ahead:

  • School Meeting and Journaling – now being co-led by new students
  • Individual Concern Meetings – At Hyde, we believe everyone can benefit from an opportunity to receive feedback and help on how we are doing
  • Discovery Group Seminars and third letter home
  • Performing Arts – we have an outline of the show and choreographed our opening number – students can audition for a singing solo
  • Athletics – three mile run on Saturday morning
  • Beach afternoon and local clam festival on Saturday evening

Concern and Brother’s Keeper are our themes this week. While students agree that concern is important, they struggle to challenge a peer who isn’t at their best. We watched a film clip from Ray (Ray Charles) – Ray is going blind and his mother says, “I will show you once, help you twice but the third time you are on your own…that is the way life will treat you.” As difficult as this was for her, she understood the consequences of not expecting her son to help himself and meet his challenges head-on.

Student Quotes of the Week:
“I have to drop my ‘cool’ image.”
“Can I do an extra 5:30 a.m. work-out to strengthen my calf muscles?”
“The food here is so amazing…on a scale of 1-10, my Mom would be a 5 and the Hyde kitchen would be a 10.” (apologies to the Moms)
“I have a chance at Hyde to make something out of myself.”

Reminder to give ‘the kick in the pants and the bear hug’ – don’t let your child’s growth steps go unnoticed, but also expect their best and challenge unproductive attitudes/behaviors.