Hyde-Bath Summer Challenge Week 2

We returned from our wilderness camping trip yesterday afternoon and I was very proud of the entire group! Despite the damp weather, our spirits stayed high and each discovery group gained a deeper trust and bond. Everyone completed the hike and canoe trip, shared life stories and experiences around the campfire at night, prepared and ate meals together, celebrated July 4th with sparklers and s’mores, and a few lucky folks got to see their first moose.

As we were getting ready to depart last Friday, we learned that several students had made some decisions which violated Hyde ethics. We created a Dean’s Area on the bus, which continued once we reached our destination. Several hours later, the students rejoined their group with a renewed commitment to the truth.

The week ahead:

  • School Meeting and Journaling
  • Singing Auditions – every student, student leader and faculty sing a song in front of the school (I still get nervous even after 29 years as a faculty.)
  • Discovery Group Seminars and Conference Call Home with Student
  • Performing Arts – starting rehearsals for our final Show
  • Athletic competitions to finish the first round of soccer or cross country running
  • Journaling and Morning Meetings
  • Friday Evening ‘Mandatory Fun’ and our first weekend with free time
  • Courage and Humility are our themes this week. We talked about ordinary people showing extraordinary courage (Aron Ralston who wrote Between a Rock and a Hard Place) and what it means to have a larger purpose to our lives.

Student Quotes of the Week:
It’s easier to stick up for other people once you have the courage to stick up for yourself.”
“I feel I have a purpose in life but I don’t know what it is yet.”
“I was afraid of being in the water for the canoeing, but the group helped me overcome my fear.”

Reminder to complete your weekly journals and focus on your own growth as a ‘world class parent’. By the end of July, you want to inspire your child with your own change and growth!