Hyde-Bath Summer Challenge Week 1

Our first week has been busy, fun and challenging! Here are some of the action/reflection activities we have shared:

  • Introductions – Everyone introduced themselves in front of the school
  • Discovery Group Challenges – team building activities that included the rock wall, trust falls, jump rope, human ladder, and human knot
  • Timed Mile Run – everyone finished and we will run this again during the final family weekend to see how much the times have improved
  • Academic Classes and Evening Study Hall
  • Daily Room Inspection and Campus Jobs
  • Athletics – Women have Cross Country Running, Men have Soccer
  • First Discovery Group Meeting – seminar to share a two-minute ‘WHO AM I’ and goals for summer
  • Performing Arts – preparation for singing auditions
  • School Meeting on Attitude, 5 Words and Principles
  • Journaling – questions on our weekly theme and we share our written responses
  • Morning Meeting – quote of the day, recognitions, and sharing personal experiences of character and brother’s keeper

Curiosity and Truth have been our themes this week. They have given us a great opportunity to talk about discovering our best self, and then being true to who we are.
Student Quotes of the Week:
“Something I need to work on is honesty with my family.”
“I want to learn what my best looks like.”
“I want to learn why I have trouble making friends.”
“I have showed leadership today…this summer I would like to learn more about how I can be a good leader in my life, including my family.”
“I didn’t think I would like Hyde, but it’s not too bad.”

Reminder to ‘keep paddling the canoe’, keep the duct tape on and focus on your own growth!

We’re off on our Wilderness Camping Trip!!
(Returning Monday afternoon)