Hyde Weekly: 5/29 – 5/30

Bath Highlights:

  • Graduation: Although the weather did not cooperate and we had to hold graduation inside, that did not stop the graduates from delivering some truly inspiring speeches. They represented themselves, their class and their families very well and they should be proud. Undoubtedly their physical presence next year will be dearly missed, but they left a wonderful legacy for those students who will replace them as the leaders in the school.
  • Baccalaureate: On Friday, we honored students, faculty and staff for their accomplishments and efforts this year in academics, athletics, performing arts, and community service.
    • Excellence in English: Stephen Kakouris ’09; Julia Bliss ’10
    • Excellence in Science: Isaac Brower ’09; Kurt Chessman ’10
    • Excellence in Foreign Language: Hunter McGinty ’09; Mariel Frost ’10
    • Excellence in Music: Alexander Klumac ’09; Tierra Williams ’10
    • Excellence in History: Orli Levine ’09; Zoe Dorian, ’10
    • Excellence in Math: Sara Rainer ’09; Hailun Ni ’10
    • Excellence in Visual Arts: Alissa Sherburne ’09; Robin Platte ’10
    • Academic Triangle: in recognition of character and excellence in academic learning: Shane Connolly ’09; Caroline Gauld ’10; Steve Levesque, Faculty
    • Phi Beta Kappa Association of Maine Award: Hailun Ni ’10
    • Athlete of the Year: Bryan Kemp ’09; Jill Gavrilescu ’09
    • Coach of the Year: Gabby Voeller, Faculty
    • Excellence in Community Service: Alexandra McCormack ’09; John Chesterton, Faculty
    • Excellence in Performing Arts: Natasha Giusti ’09
    • Joseph Slattery Award: Brittin Irwin ’09
    • Spirit/Leadership Awards: Jason Keith ’09; Heather Lawson ’09; A. Roscoe Robinson ’09; Brice Sherman ’09; Patrick Small, PG
    • Golden Shovel Award: Britt Richards ’09

Best wishes for a safe and healthy summer!