Hyde Weekly: 5/23 – 5/29

Bath Highlights:

  1. HUC- The Hyde Ultimate Club won second place in the Maine state tournament last weekend. This qualifies the team to participate in the New England tournament this Sunday in Devens, Massachusetts. Congratulations!
  2. Senior Women Luncheon: As part of the year end activities, the women of the senior class were hosted by the women of the faculty for lunch at the Head of School’s house. This was a chance to have some fun, enjoy each other’s company, and for the older generation to share some of their accumulated wisdom with the up and coming generation.
  3. Graduation: After an intense final week of evaluations for the seniors and exams for the underclassmen, we are all eagerly waiting to hear what the seniors have to say tomorrow at their graduation. Keeping with tradition, the family of graduating seniors stands while each senior gives his or her speech. As a class, this group of seniors has provided wonderful leadership, guidance and inspiration for the entire school this year and we, on the faculty, are very proud of them.

Woodstock Highlights:

  1. Baccalaureate Awards: The community gathered to recognize the senior class in a Baccalaureate ceremony during Graduation weekend. We honored faculty and staff with 5, 10 and 20 years of service and celebrated the accomplishments of our students. The student award recipients were: Blanche W. Gauld Scholarship – Lisa Bertschy ’10; award honoring the Dawes family – Erica Fagien ’10; Four Year Graduates – Stephanie Bowie, Joseph Feero, Julie Giganti, Akira Slade, Jake Stowe and Richard Welch; Excellence in Learning/Concern – Carolyn Donat with Honorable Mentions going to Brett Samson and Derek Rubinstein; Excellence in Learning/Courage – Christian Benedetti with Honorable Mentions going to Eve Capecelatro and Chris Regnery; Excellence in Learning/Curiosity – Angus McAvity with Honorable Mention going to Melissa Wallace; Excellence in Learning/Integrity – Kyle Anderson with Honorable Mention going to Melissa Wallace; Excellence in Learning/Leadership – Andrew Canzonetti with Honorable Mention going to Brett Bistrian; Excellence in Learning/Brothers Keeper – Will Siepmann; Excellence in Learning/Conscience – Derwyn Johnson; Excellence in Learning/Destiny – Jake Stowe with Honorable Mentions going to Sodiepiriye Garrick and Kenzie Sherer; Excellence in Learning/Humility – Tywon Clarke with Honorable Mentions going to Dakota D’Amato and Blaine Tolle; Excellence in Learning/Truth – Ari Marom. The Excellence in Coaching award went to faculty member Wesley Jenkins while Excellence in Athletic awards were presented to Jesika Holmes, Richard Perry, Ted Perweiler, Kate Pintauro and Richard Welch. Excellence in Performing Arts went to faculty member Katie Wynen with Honorable Mention going to Ann Poniatowski. Community Service awards were presented to faculty members Laura Michaels and Jill Forgue and the student recipient was Megan Montgomery. The Golden Shovel award this year was presented to Brett Bistrian with an Honorable Mention going to Jake Stowe. Several Hyde Spirit awards were given to those people who have left a unique imprint on the Hyde community. The student Spirit award recipients were Tywon Clarke, Carolyn Donat, Richard Perry, Kate Pintauro, Julie Runnels, Brett Sampson, Kenzie Sherer, Richard Welch, Jake Stowe and Doug Steen. Faculty and staff recipients included Mamie Horstmann, Irene Boudreau, Tom Bragg, Will Cutrer and Dan Osar. The Learning Triangle Award recipients were Bob Felt, John Puckett and Allie Dubinsky ’10. The Fleming award is the final award given at Baccalaureate each year. This year’s recipient was Derwyn Johnson.
  2. Underclassmen Academic Awards: The community gathered to recognize those underclassmen who have worked hard during the spring term and their commitment to learning was reflected in their effort and achievement grades. The students who were cited in the “Most Improved” category included: Grade 9 – Owen Knapp and Josh McCowan; Grade 10 – Mac McGuire, Alexis Holdampf, Matan Peltier, Addison Wheat and Adam Ben-Hanania; Grade 11 – Haruka Koda, Alexis Burke, Jordan Orns, Caitlin Barrett, Kevin Blanco, Ryan Bach, Julia Stone, Nick Parides, Zach Rosenbaum and Will Sobo. “Most Outstanding” recipients included Grade 10 – Adam Carreau, Sarah DeNunzio, Will Passmore, Adam Ben-Hanania and Lizzie Alexander; Grade 11 – Suzi Fornoff, Ryan Giebel, Craig Levine, Lisa Bertschy, Brian Fegan and Erica Fagien.
  3. Finally—Spring Sports Awards: Men’s Lacrosse MVP -Andy Canzonetti, MIP -Blaine Tolle; Men’s JV Lacrosse MIP -Christian Benedetti; Women’s Lacrosse MIPs -Sabrino Padro and Haruka Koda; Tennis MVP -Cameron Miller, MIP -Derek Kubitz; Men’s Track and Field MVP -Derwyn Johnson, MIP -Kevin Blanco; Women’s Track and Field MVP -Nora Curran, MIP -Suzi Fornoff; Distance Running MIPs -Henry Stevenson and Sergio Arvizu; Ropes Course MVP -Adam Ben-Hanania, MIP -Sean Peacock.

We often say that Hyde starts with an interview and ends with a graduation speech. This week, seniors stood and shared their defining moments, visions, struggles and humor along with heartfelt statements to their families about the Hyde journey. In many cases, the adults; parents and teachers do the hard work up front. As one senior said, “You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.” It is now fitting that the students speak for all of us. While we bask in the glory of the hard earned accomplishment, now the work begins. Hyde is life long.

To the underclassmen, you have worked hard this year. Enjoy your summer break. Make it a continuation of your best efforts rather than an interruption. Play big and make a difference!