…I’m Also A Client

That's me in the Spring Show a couple of years ago...PA at Hyde is a blast and an opportunity for me to get "jiggy with it."
That's me getting "jiggy wit it" in the spring show a couple years back...PA at Hyde is a blast.

As the Director of Admissions at Hyde School I happen to believe I have one of the best jobs on the planet—I meet new people everyday, I get to talk a lot (very important for me—ask my wife) and I get to introduce people to the school that changed my life…Hyde.

Throughout these early summer days filled with interviews for The Summer Challenge Program it is hard for me not to think back on my own admission interview. It was 1996 and I was a 17 year old rebel-without-a-cause from New Jersey, my teachers and coaches liked me but they were worried about my decreasing effort and engagement in school, sports, and life. I will never forget leaving the interview feeling good, maybe even great about the conversation I had just participated in, but also thinking that prep school was not for me. I was also fairly certain that there was something “different” about Hyde…I enrolled.

Later that summer, as I hiked my way through the Mahoosuc Notch section of the Appalachian Trail, climbing mountains with my Discovery Group during the day and sitting down with each other to share our deepest thoughts and highest hopes at night, I realized this “difference” was just what I had been looking for. In 1996 in the mountains of Maine I realized that success, fulfillment and happiness were not out of the question for a 17 year old rebel-without-a-cause from New Jersey.

Still a rebel, I now have a cause…