The Biggest Job Video Series


Find Clarity on the Tough Decisions You Have to Make As a Parent of a Teenager



Hi there,

I'm Laura Gauld, Head of School at Hyde School in Bath, Maine. 

Do you feel you could use a little help in raising your teen? I'm the author of the groundbreaking parenting book "The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have" and had a parenting series on NBC.

I'd love to offer you my 5 part video series to give you some clarity around the tough decisions you have to make as a parent of a teen.

Join Hyde's Head of School Laura Gauld in this 5 part video series titled "Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have" 

In this video series, we'll cover:

  • How to help your teen find his or her path without them resenting you for it
  • When should we step in versus step back?
  • 5 Fundementals of Parenting that instantly improve your relationship with your teen
  • How to bounce back from "pathetic moments in parenting" (we all have them!)
  • Why rules don't work and what to use instead

Here's What We Cover in Each Video...


What's at the Center of Your Family?

This video highlights Biggest Job Priority #2: Principles Over Rules, showing what can happen in families when one member gets all the attention. We tend to apply rules when things are starting to spin out of control (e.g “There is no eating in THAT room, either!”). Rules must be guided by deep principles.


The Fender Bender: A Story from Laura Gauld’s Teen Years

It is hard to watch our children struggle with life’s challenges. When should we step in? When should we step away? This is one of the toughest parenting dilemmas.


The Dance of Deception

In this video, Laura Gauld acts out the “dance of deception,” most commonly seen at grocery stores and around town. We all want honest families. We also want everyone to get along. Which do we want more? This priority calls upon parents to put the weight of their feet on the side of truth.


World Class Parenting vs Pathetic Moments Parenting

In this video, Laura Gauld leads an interactive exercise with parents at Eagle Hill High School. Half the audience plays the kids who are arguing for something they want, and the other half play the parents. Laura explains that in these parenting situations, we can either be pathetic, or we can be in the zone. It’s okay to be pathetic, she says, just realize it, and get back in the zone as quickly as possible. When we are in the zone, kids realize it and behavior changes.


Fundamentals of Parenting

In this video, Laura sums up the 5 Fundamentals of parenting that will catapult your parenting to a new level. When followed, answers to the tough decisions you have to make as a parent become clear. You can put your mind at ease about the struggles you face with your child. You have a way to share your family values with your children, and lastly, you gain confidence to grow as an individual yourself.

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