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The Hyde School Parent Admission Network (PAN) is made up of current Hyde parents as well as Alumni and HAPA members. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to Hyde. If you’re a part of the Hyde PAN you’re a volunteer who values the Hyde School experience and you’re interested in sharing it with others; you believe as a former board chair once said: “the world could use a little more Hyde.”

Why PAN?

PAN boughThe Hyde School PAN is critical to sustaining healthy enrollment at Hyde so that we can continue to offer dynamic programming for our students and families. Word of mouth, and in particular recommendations from parents and alumni, make up the majority of our referrals at Hyde. If you’re a current parent or alumni reading this, chances are that you heard about Hyde from a friend or family member who attended!

At Hyde many of our families are “non-traditional” meaning they are not typically familiar with or planning on enrolling at an independent boarding school.

A decision to even consider a switch to a private boarding school will require a family to change not just their willingness to pay tuition, but some fundamental values and views they have held throughout their adult lives. Added to that, the search for a school for your teen can be overwhelming, complicated, and frustrating. PAN members help demystify the process for fellow parents.

At Hyde, we are proud that our messaging isn’t just advertising speak, it reflects our very unique approach to education and we find that our approach is refreshing to most families raising children.

The PAN Member Role

All we ask of our PAN members is to carefully listen, share your experiences, and gently encourage people you know whose children might benefit from Hyde School or one of our summer programs to “check it out.”

We also have some specific activities, outlined below, that PAN members can opt to take part in. We will supply you with both print and digital materials to share.

PAN members meet with our Admission Directors (in person, by phone, Skype, or live webinar) regularly in order to be kept updated on what’s happening at Hyde and to brainstorm opportunities together.

We ask you to commit to about 10-15 hours per year in the program, this includes meetings and activities.

PAN Activities

School Fairs

Having PAN members attend school fairs helps broaden Hyde’s visibility across the country.

Admission Receptions

PAN members attend or host regional admission receptions. These events attract local families looking for educational opportunities for their teens. Current students, faculty, and staff also attend admission receptions.

Student Referrals

As a PAN member, you are the eyes and ears of the school. You provide names and contact information of prospective Hyde families.


Often, parents would prefer talking with parents who have students currently or have had their student at Hyde in the past over talking with an official Admission representative. It allows them to ask questions freely and get answers from someone who has been in their position before. PAN members fill this role by speaking with potential families either by phone or in person to share their personal experiences.

Social Sharing

PAN members share Hyde events and celebrations across their social networks, increasing Hyde’s visibility in the social sphere.

What Happens Next

Once folks inquire, they roll into our regular admission process and receive consistent communications from Hyde. When families visit Hyde they typically fall in love and feel like they have found what they were looking for all along. They will have you to thank!

Join the PAN today!