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Alumni Hall of Honor Members

Geoffrey Fenelus, in his own words, lives to “help people with their people-problems.” An experienced educator, he has served as a teacher, an athletic coach, a school principal, an executive director of a public charter school network, and a financial and insurance advisor to schools and organizations. 
Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, Geoffrey arrived at Hyde’s Woodstock campus by way of the New Heights AAU basketball program. He quickly established himself as a respected student leader in the classroom, on the athletic field, and across campus. He went on to Wheaton College (MA), playing varsity basketball and graduating with a B.A. in economics. Geoff then earned a master’s degree in special education and teaching at Long Island University and has served as an adjunct professor at the innovative Relay Graduate School of Education.
After stints in politics and banking, Geoff wanted to pay forward the educational opportunities he had experienced.  His journey found him teaching students and leading colleagues in a range of schools, including Hyde-Woodstock and Hyde-Bronx. However, throughout this time, his heart stayed in urban school settings in New York and Indianapolis. Recently, Geoff became an insurance advisor for NFP consulting with schools and organizations optimizing their operations and systems for the benefit of their constituents. True to his personal mission in life, he helps people help people. 
Geoff and his wife Ava – they met while both were faculty members at Hyde-Bronx – live in  Indianapolis with their three children.