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Alumni Hall of Honor Members

Connie Freer has spent nearly 40 years teaching a range of academic subjects to young people and advising them and their families as a seasoned guidance counselor. A majority of these years have been spent at Hyde-affiliated campuses in Bath, Gardiner (ME), New Haven, and Orlando.
Connie arrived at Hyde during the early days of co-education, graduating in the class of 1974. She received her B.A. in English language and literature at George Mason University followed by a masters in school counseling at the University of Southern Maine.
Before devoting her efforts and expertise to the public charter school world, Connie returned to Bath in 1985 to join the team that rebuilt and reconstituted Hyde in the late 1980s.  A few years  later, Connie transitioned to serve as a key participant in the deliberate effort to take Hyde “beyond the gates,” beginning with the Gardiner (ME) Project. She then moved to Hyde-New Haven where she spent 25 years before relocating to Orlando, FL to help launch Central Florida Leadership Academy (CFLA). At CFLA, she guided and challenged students to prepare for their respective college journeys and led Hyde’s signature senior evaluation process.
At every campus where she has served, Connie has been known by students and colleagues for her deep commitment to working with all constituents — students, faculty, parents, and community — adding her unique creativity to school life. A colleague writes, “Connie leads her life modeling the Words and Principles. Her dedication and commitment have consistently raised the level of Hyde’s accomplishments and impact in all the schools where she has worked.”
Currently retired and living in Orlando, Connie continues to volunteer her time and expertise at CFLA as well as at an Orlando Art Museum.