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Alumni Hall of Honor Members

Ken arrived at Hyde in the summer of 1985, one of the exceptional student-athletes from the Boy’s Club of New York. After three days in the Summer Challenge Program, Ken decided that Hyde was not for him and headed for the exit. By chance, founder Joseph Gauld was walking into campus as Ken was walking out.  After some discussion, Joe convinced Ken to stick it out.  Five years later, Ken had earned the respect of peers and faculty as a well-rounded contributor in the classroom, on the playing fields and around campus.
After Hyde, Ken received his B.S. degree in international business from Jacksonville University and an MBA from Northeastern University.  Since then, he has handled two separate career paths… simultaneously. 
In the financial services industry, Ken works at the accounting firm Deloitte where he serves as an advisory manager in transactions and business analytics. He manages a team advising companies on financial practices and ethical compliance matters.  
Ken has also “served” in the most literal sense for over a quarter-century in the Army Reserves.  Rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Ken has completed six overseas deployments on three continents, some of which have found him directly in harm’s way for the benefit of our country and world. Intensely proud of his Dominican roots, Ken often expresses his gratitude for being born in the United States. At the risk of understatement, he has paid this gratitude forward around the globe. Ken lives in New York with his six-year-old son, Tony.