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Alumni Outcomes

Chris Chickering
Graduation Year: Class of 1988
College/University: Guilford College
Current Occupation: Psychotherapist and #1 Best Selling Author of Next Level Your Life
Dr. Shannon Curry, PsyD, MSCP
Graduation Year: 1998
College/University: Georgetown University and UC-San Diego

Current Occupation: Clinical and forensic psychologist and Director of the Curry Psychology Group in Newport Beach, CA.
Jimmy Murphy
Graduation Year: 2015
College/University: University of Miami
Current Occupation: Territory Sales Manager at Venus Concept
Spencer Garrett
Graduation Year: 1981
College/University: Duke University
Current Occupation: Actor
Dr. Alicia McFarren, MD
Graduation Year: 1998
College/University: SUNY Binghamton; Cornell University
Current Occupation: Pediatrician
Ivori Aiken, MHR
Graduation Year: 2008
College/University: Clark University
Current Occupation: Adjutant General, US Army
Mac McGuire
Graduation Year: 2011
College/University: Lehigh University
Current Occupation: Vice President of Equity Derivative Structuring at Barclays Corporate & Investment Bank
Andrew Sylvester
Graduation Year: 2003
College/University: Gettysburg College
Current Occupation: Managing Director at Kindred Partners based in San Fransisco, CA
Kendall Jennings
Graduation Year: 2000
College/University: Mary Washington College
Current Occupation: Song Account Lead at Accenture
Thomas Bragg
Graduation Year: 2006
College/University: Tufts University
Current Occupation: Commercial Real Estate
Jim Thornton
Graduation Year: 2005
College/University: St. Joseph's University
Current Occupation: Founder of Inbound Found, Digital Marketing Firm
Stephanie Nathanson
Graduation Year: 1994
College/University: Loyola University
Current Occupation: Attorney/President at Law offices of Stephanie K. Nathanson
Scout Zaaijer
Graduation Year: 2010
College/University: Bowdoin College
Current Occupation: Director, Co-Brand Product Management at American Express
Tina Zhang
Graduation Year: 2013
College/University: UC-Berkeley
Current Occupation: Strategic Finance at Pinterest