Summer Leadership Challenge

Adventure Awaits!

Take the Leap into an Unforgettable Summer!

For 50 years, Hyde’s Summer Challenge programs have inspired students and parents looking to take the summer experience to the next level by developing character, making new friends, and accomplishing what they never thought they could.

Summer Leadership Challenge is a summer camp-like experience where teens gain confidence and courage through adventures such as camping, canoeing, and hiking mountains in the Bigelow Range, performing on stage in a theatrical blockbuster, competitive athletics, scaling the Tippy Bridge on the high ropes course, going white water rafting, and doing community service projects such as digging in community gardens, building wildlife habitat, and cleaning local beaches.

Summer at Hyde is about challenging yourself through exploring new interests, strengthening current skills, and gaining a new appreciation of your unique potential as a student and a family. The program takes place on Hyde School’s campus in Bath, Maine with trips to Hyde’s Eustis, Maine campus.

  2022 Dates: July 9th- August 7th

       Family Weekend August 5th-7th

Tuition: $6,000
Teens ages 13-18


Program at a Glance

Week #1


Students get to know each other during a week filled with building

  • confidence
  • trust, and
  • community

through on-campus challenges such as;

  • the high ropes course
  • team building activities in the Sunken Garden, and
  • discovery group competitions.

Week #2


The group heads north to Hyde’s property in Eustis, Maine, led by our own expert instructors for camping

  • boating
  • hiking, and
  • outdoor adventures.

Students learn to channel their inner strength and grit. They must face obstacles outside their comfort zone not only in the wild, but back on campus where they start to hone their

  • speaking
  • reading, and
  • problem-solving skills

in a creative learning environment.

Week #3


Back in Bath, known as “the city of ships,” students explore the rich heritage of the Maine coastal community. They

  • sail along the Kennebec River on schooners
  • kayak on the New Meadows river
  • help out with local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Food Pantry, and then
  • head back north to Caratunk, Maine to go white water rafting.

Week #4


The final week of Summer Leadership Challenge is filled with preparations for

  • a discovery group competition
  • swapping contact info to keep in touch, and
  • working together to perform a stellar theatrical performance for Family Weekend.

Before & After
Summer Leadership Challenge
with Annie Schneeberger ’20


My Summer Experience

By Brett VanVort ’16

Brett VanVort '16
Brett VanVort ’16 now captivates audiences equipped with both his new-found courage and passion for music he discovered during Summer Leadership Challenge

During my interview at Hyde, I vividly remember Dean of Admissions, Jason Warnick, candidly describe his experience when he attended the school as a student. He noted that his favorite memories were the ones he made over Summer Challenge, a program for both newly admitted students and those interested in a month-long summer adventure. Speaking of camping, rafting, performing arts, and academics, I was beginning to be sold on this idea of Hyde. The Summer Challenge was an opportunity where I could get comfortable with the campus, make friends, and do things that I have never tried before.

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