Hyde Summer Session

An Opportunity to Recover Credits and Improve GPA

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Hyde School is running an academic summer program, Hyde Summer Session, for new and current students who

  • need to finish or improve current school-year courses and improve grade point averages, or
  • need credit recovery or credit advancement.

These students include those whose current academic averages are failing or are near failing, those who began the school year late and need extra time to fulfill their credit requirements, and those who need recovery or advancement course credits to strengthen their transcript.

Most importantly, Hyde Summer Session consists of the same primary components of other Hyde programs: a character-based curriculum, a demanding code of ethics, high learning standards, and a course format that encourages self-discovery through risk-taking and challenge.

This program is a structured opportunity for current and new students to:

  1.  Finish current year courses, earning up to .25 credits per course per week. Students in this category will need, on-average, one week of programming per course.
  2. Gain new or make-up course credits by taking full or half credit courses. Students desiring a new course credit or to gain make-up course credits will be required to participate for the entire program.
  3. Participate in educational based field trips and gain an understanding and appreciation for the history and natural resources of Maine.
  4. Develop enhanced learning attitudes and improve academic performance and time management.

The weekday schedule for the summer academic program will emphasize academics but in addition, students will also exercise daily and engage in self-exploration and self-growth activities, including experiential hands on learning through academic based field trips. Trips include museums, marine life cruise and time in our Eutis wilderness property. Students will also engage in such activities as journal writing and ropes course activities. Weekend schedules will offer a structured change of pace to include wilderness recreational activities, cookouts, beach trips and other trips that include dinner, movies, and exhibits.

Weekly Update: Parents will receive a weekly update on the program.

A Typical Day:

7:40    Housekeeping Jobs and Inspection
8:00    Breakfast
8:30    Morning Meeting- Led by students and a check up with faculty mentor
9:00    Academic Session 1
12:00   Lunch
1:00    Academic Session 2
3:00    Break
3:30    Academic Session 3
6:00    Dinner
7:30    Supervised Recreation and student led evening activities
10:00   Lights Out

Location: Hyde School’s Bath, Maine campus

Course Director: Crystal Peltzer, Director of Studies

Dates: TBD

Tuition: $1,650 per week – Checks payable to Hyde School. Send checks to;

Hyde School Business Office
616 High Street
Bath, ME 04530

Registration: To reserve a place in Hyde’s Summer Academic Program, contact:

Rolling admissions is available for full-boarding and day-student candidates.