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Summer Leadership Challenge

Adventure awaits at Hyde School’s Summer Leadership Challenge.

Students from across the globe come together for a four-week leadership program to unlock their potential in team building, self awareness, athletics, the arts, and the great Maine outdoors.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

“I realized that leadership is not about comparing myself to others, but more in connecting a vision of myself to everyday action.”

Self discovery

Discover your strengths and challenges as you step outside your comfort zone through fun activities such as crossing the Tippy Bridge on the high ropes course or paddling Flagstaff Lake during our Summer Challenge Outdoor Expedition. Take time to reflect with your Discovery Group to discuss times you felt confident and time you felt hesitant. Exploring your inner self provides insight into what motivates you and what will help you truly succeed! 


Develop meaningful relationships at Hyde School's breathtaking 650-acre Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, Maine. Activities include backpacking, boating, and camping. Spend quality time sharing hot meals prepared by you and your friends around the campfire at night, providing space and opportunity to reflect on everything the journey and experiences have taught you. Taking a deep look inside yourself while listening to others do the same are authentic shared experiences, not social media hashtags, which allow you to forge bonds of friendship unlike any other. 

Find Your Voice & Family Weekend

Test your Courage and find your voice through public speaking and performing arts. Sharing what you have done and learned in the final summer performance during Family Weekend will not only be a lifelong memory, but also a reflection of a more confident you. In the last week of Summer Leadership Challenge, you will prepare for an unforgettable Discovery Group competition, swap contact info to keep in touch with new friends, and put on a community wide theatrical performance. The culmination of the summer is the Family Weekend where your parents will have the opportunity to witness your growth and participate in family activities to strengthen the families vision for the future.

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