Hyde Stories

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Hyde Stories are intimate, personal interviews with recent Hyde School alumni, parents, faculty, and staff. Each reveals a distinctive aspect of Hyde’s unique education. Watch them all to learn about this remarkable school.






Every Teacher Knows Your Child

Building Character

Discovery Groups

Grades Aren’t Enough

Grab My Hand!

Just Give It A Try

One Mother’s Story

Integrity Is At The Core

Finding Self Confidence

I Knew We Had to Do Something

I Was a Fall-Through-the-Cracks Kid

He Found His Focus

Parent Testimonials

We recently conducted a survey of alumni parents. We asked them if they would recommend Hyde School to other families? 98% of them responded “Yes.” When asked why, here were some of the answers:

“Hyde didn’t just help our son, it helped our whole family in so many ways, we’re forever changed. We learned a language we could use to talk to one another. The family program was a huge part for us, we’ve made life-long friends. It’s a community that allows you to always be a part of it, very welcoming and inclusive.”

“The teachers and staff go way beyond teaching and caring for any child. Extremely professional and create a family environment. I felt my son was safe being in a Hyde environment.”

“Hyde changed the trajectory our family was on and gave us back our future.”

“The [Hyde] experience was so meaningful for us that we have recommended Hyde to several families, with positive results for those who took that advice.”

“The growth in student and family is second to none of any school in the world.”

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