Welcome to Hyde School in Beautiful Bath, Maine

Hyde is located on the original Hyde family estate of shipbuilder John S. Hyde on 145 beautiful acres in Bath, Maine.

Campus features a ropes course with zip line, state-of-the-art music recording studio donated by Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, an indoor climbing wall, cross country ski trails, two athletic fields, a football field and track and practice field, and two ponds.


The city of Bath is also a wonderful place to live while studying. Did you know that Bath, Maine won the Great American Main Street award in April 2012? Main Street Bath Director Jennifer Geiger stated, “Bath is representative of the iconic Maine town, featuring similar Main streets, with brick buildings, church spires, gardens, and a real sense of family and community.” The Boston Globe also published, “Bath, Maine, is on the edge of cool.” We invite you to come and experience Hyde School in Bath for yourself.

Campus Facts


Joseph W. Gauld

Head of School
Laura D. Gauld



Student-Teacher Ratio
6 to 1

Average Class Size


Alumni Parents 

Campus Size
145 acres

School Colors
Blue and Gold

School Mascot 

Library Collection
6000 volumes

Number of Buildings
16 (main)

Campus Tour

Join students Avery, Kiefer, and Gigi as they reveal what is behind the gates on the Bath, Maine Hyde School campus.

Join faculty member Fan Luo as she gives a tour of campus in Chinese.

Student Perspectives

Laughlynn on the basketball court


Laughlynn Bragg ’12 remarks about athletics at Hyde boarding school.

“Coming to Hyde, Lacrosse was the only sport I played passionately for consecutive years. But because I loved athletics, it was easy for me to jump into a three-season year of sports. Every season is different. I am more experienced in some than others. My teammates are always there to challenge and support me because athletics at Hyde are effort over achievement. By Senior year, my leadership on and off the field was natural which helped me earn Junior year basketball captain and Senior year soccer captain.”


Riley Mitchell ’12 on academics at Hyde.

“Our academic day is structured around five classes and one study hall. The study hall at night provides students enough time to get all their work done. Our class sizes range from 5-15 students and offer one-on-one assistance from teachers. If a student needs extra help, all teachers live on campus, and are very accessible by email. Our grading system is based on both effort and achievement. I have always been a hard worker, but my grades have not shown that. After coming to Hyde, the teachers have been able to see the effort that I put into my work, that wasn’t seen in public schools.”

Riley Mitchell ’12

Students in downtown Bath at Cafe Creme


Kateria Ellison ’14 talks about weekends in Bath.

“Weekends at Hyde can be a time to relax or go on various trips. Downtown Bath is less than a mile away from campus. Café Crème is the usual hang out spot on the weekends. Everyone goes there to get coffee and pastries while chatting with friends at home with the free Wi-Fi. We also have little boutiques for shopping for girls or the candy store for guys. If you don’t want to stay around town, there are trips to the movies, ice cream or restaurants a couple towns over in Brunswick. During the winter, we also have ski trips to Sugarloaf almost every weekend. If it is a long weekend, we have day trips to bigger cities such as Portland or Boston. Weekends let you take a break from the hectic school week and enjoy time with your friends.”


Dorm Life

Tobias Weymar’s ’12 remarks about boarding at Hyde.

“Coming back to the dorm at night is my favorite part of the day. Indorms is at 10 PM on weekdays and 10:30 PM on weekends. At indorms, we play video games, watch movies, and hang out in the dorm. On weekends, we have joint cookouts with the girl’s dorms with music and games going on. Everyone in the dorm has a close bond. Seniors are usually paired with underclassmen to create a peer-mentor relationship. Dorm life is my favorite part of being at boarding school.”

Tobias in his Hyde dorm room


Hyde Student Discovery Group

Discovery Groups

Caroline Hammond ’12 explains what a Hyde School Discovery Group is.

“Discovery groups are a support system. You are in a group of freshman through seniors who meet once a week. Random kids are chosen in each group throughout the school. Every week we meet together and do different activities. Sometimes it’s “Disco fun” like going bowling or out for coffee. Other times we do check ins with each other or journal. Also, we have a Family Education department that involves our discovery groups. One weekend in the fall and one weekend in the spring, our families come up to school and merge with our discovery groups. They join us in with the activities we do together and we all get to know each others’ families. Discovery groups are definitely something I value here at Hyde because anything you say stays private and you can trust this group to help you with any problems that you’re going through. I enjoy disco groups because it’s fun to get to know a group of people you don’t normally hang out with.”