Hyde School’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum emphasizes the
application of important mathematical and science skills to real world problems. In each of these classes,
students work in a project-based, teamwork-focused environment, using a broad spectrum of creative
skills in an engineering design-driven program to build real-world applications.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Computer Science

This course will give students a broad understanding of fundamentals of computer programming and object-oriented design principles. Students will learn to write, design and execute programs, understand fundamentals such as data types, variables, and arithmetic and logic operators. The focus of the class is on principles of problem solving and basic concepts including control structures, methods and functions, data structures, encapsulation and algorithms. There are no prerequisites for this class, but a strong understanding of basic mathematics (successful completion of Algebra I and/or Geometry) is recommended. The class builds towards the design and implementation of a final project that will be built from pieces developed along the way. The class will use the java programming language, which is free, which will allow the students to work outside the classroom and continue exploring the coding world beyond the end of the class.

HydeTV: Video Production

This course will give students experience with all aspects of Video production including, shooting, editing, publishing, interview skills, audio capturing, composition skills and working on a strict weekly deadline. After the foundational work of teaching the use of the cameras and editing systems, the class will begin to produce content for a weekly video project that will air online throughout the school year. Students in this class will learn skills of storytelling in a visual medium while showcasing their creativity and talent in capturing the world around them.