Senior Year

A Unique & Life-Changing Experience

Senior Year at Hyde is a chance for student’s to step up and take leadership of the school, while stepping back and looking inward to assess where they are, how far they have come, and where they are going.

A Hyde Graduation

We are proud of what our students have accomplished, and eager to see them continue on to lead lives of integrity and meaning.

Graduation represents both an ending and a new beginning. At Hyde, it’s also a time to make a statement of conscience. Speaking at commencement is one of the key features of Hyde’s character-development curriculum, and is the culmination of a student’s years of work at the school. Every graduating senior gives a two-minute speech that gives thanks, honors his or her family, and expresses hope for the future.

“The traditional view of graduation as both an ending and a new beginning are true at Hyde, yet most importantly, it is a declaration of conscience expressed by each senior in a two-minute speech, which serves as a benchmark for his or her life,” says  Head of School Laura Gauld.

Photo Gallery: 2018 Speech Highlights

A Selection of 2021 Senior Speeches

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Laura Gauld commented on the alumni who come to the ceremonies, many celebrating reunions. “Watching returning alums share their journey and seeing generations of families basking in the gratitude is truly overwhelming.”

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about this exceptional group of students, and how Hyde prepares students to succeed in college and for the rest of their lives.

Find out the future plans and reflections of five of the 2017 grads


The Hyde Parent Diploma

Senior Parent Breakfast

Parents who participate in the family education program have an opportunity to graduate with a Hyde Parent Diploma on the morning of their child’s commencement.

At Hyde, we consciously seek to offer character-forming experiences so that our students and parents can work together for personal and family growth.  The academic year concludes with a poignant graduation ceremony where each graduate speaks for two minutes as their family stands in the audience.  Before this, there is a breakfast ceremony on graduation morning where parents who have completed the Family Education Program receive their own diplomas.

Rather than having the parents speak, we read a brief citation that their children, the graduating seniors, have written in their honor.  The following examples were read at a recent graduation:

Dad, from the ASU football games we attended together when I was a little girl, to you coaching all my soccer teams in elementary school, to now – I will always be grateful that you have been one of my biggest support systems. Our relationship hasn’t always been strong, but I believe you and I have worked hard, especially this year, to be honest with each other. This is the reason we have become close again. Your honesty has inspired me.

Mom, I am so proud of the person you have become over the last couple of years. You came to Hyde a worried, timid mother who never focused on herself. You are leaving a strong, confidant woman who works on herself. You’ve inspired me to trust in myself and my abilities to lead others.

Dad, you have been the best example for me of how to have a vision and go for it. Your wisdom as a man is something I try to absorb and practice as I grow into my independence as an adult. I don’t have to look very far for motivation or inspiration in my pursuit of success.

As these statements indicate, our kids are inspired when they observe us striving to improve our own character. They are inspired less by our accomplishments and more by our own efforts to face the unknown in ourselves. They are moved when we tackle a personal challenge with an uncertain outcome, and when we strive to better ourselves as people.

Parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom.