AP & Honors

Challenge Yourself

AP and Honors Curriculum

Hyde School’s advanced academic programs provide distinguished students with challenging courses at the Honors and Advanced Placement levels. The high degree of faculty involvement with students creates an academic atmosphere that combines challenge and individualization. Intellectual character is highly valued. Self-confidence, discipline, motivation, and honesty are inspired through Hyde School’s rigorous academic curriculum and the requirements for all students to participate in the performing arts, community service, and three sports each year.

The following Advanced Placement courses are offered:

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
English: Language and Composition
Environmental Science
Human Geography
Physics C: Mechanics
U.S. History

The following Honors courses are offered:

Hyde School offers to students an “Honors” designation within all of its non-AP classes. Students desiring this distinction must complete an enriched body of advanced work for the course during each trimester. Upon the successful completion of this distinguished work, the course will be listed as Honors on all grade reports and transcripts.