Create, Produce, Design, Perform

At Hyde School, all students participate in the arts and— in case we haven’t mentioned it—athletics, performing arts, community service, and campus jobs, as well. Only at Hyde will students say they never feel left out!

Do you want to imagine what it’s like to be a student involved in the arts at Hyde? Some examples might be:

  • Students singing, acting, and dancing—at Hyde, there are two Performing Arts shows during Fall and Spring Family Weekends.
  • Students exploring their artistic potential by creating visual arts masterpieces in the Art Barn—an old, renovated barn with a soaring front window that allows natural light to bathe the studio, or digitally creating in the Digital Arts Labs.
  • Students recording original music in a fully-equipped professional recording studio.

We’re willing to bet there’s an artist inside you. You provide the canvas, and we’ll supply the paintbrush and paint.

And, by the way, don’t be surprised if your sculpture gets tagged with a sold label during the annual spring gallery, or if your tapped-out dancing shoes have to carry you on stage for just one more encore.

Performing Arts

Our big, tough football players sing and dance. Our artsy (and occasionally geeky) singers and dancers play football. It’s all good…ONLY AT HYDE

How's your pirouette?

How’s your pirouette?

All students and faculty members collaborate to produce two performing art shows per year–in the fall and spring–as well, as a number of smaller performances throughout the year. Parents, too, perform for their students at the Spring Family Weekend an event eagerly anticipated by the student body. Students often play and show their talent on open mic nights, as well.

Through Hyde’s infamous “auditions,” students, as well as teachers, face their fears of public singing and generally overcome them with ease. Freshmen who timidly squeak out Row, Row, Row Your Boat for their first audition, unavoidably become seniors who belt out cheesy 80s rock ballads while sporting fake mullets. And, occasionally, a faculty member cannot resist inflicting a Guns and Roses classic on the community.

You will likely discover that there is a part of you that loves being on stage, and you will be in awe of yourself when you complete your first audition–whether or not you are a future Grammy winner, such as our friend Michael McDonald. If you do think you are the next American Idol, you should check out the Songwriter’s Workshop.


Visual Arts

Choose your medium–wood, clay, oil paints, metal, charcoal, bacon fat? Hyde’s visual arts program offers it all, as well as creative, educational environments to turn material into a masterpiece. Emphasis is also placed on treating the studio as a community in which support and feedback is provided for fellow artists. The result is a thriving arts program that will nurture your creative impulses.

Student projects are placed on display around campus, allowing the young artists enjoy the pleasure of watching browsers gaze at their art.Art at Hyde School

Here are the course offerings for 2021-2022:

Studio Art
This course is for the student who has an interest in the visual arts, yet minimal art
experience, or little or no formal art training. The student explores many processes,
concepts, and artistic principles. Students are then be able to move on to specific interest
areas in the art curriculum.

AP Studio Art
Advanced Placement Studio Art is an honors-level class set up to prepare and develop
portfolios for the AP review. Rigorous, yet self-driven, students are encouraged to develop
their own voice and style through a variety of art practices and mediums. The fall term will
be centered on creating 12 pieces for the breadth section of the portfolio, while the rest of
the year is centered on developing a set of twelve concentration pieces that deeply explore
and investigate a theme. Studies of art history, art criticism, and group discussions takes
place in conjunction with studio projects. AP students are required to display their artwork
and participate in an art exhibit in the local community.
Pre-requisite: Foundations in Art or teacher approval of a personal portfolio

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