Developing Writers, Speakers, and Problem Solvers

Hyde Learning Triangle
Hyde Learning Triangle

The Hyde School model of academics is represented through the prestige of the Learning Triangle: student, teacher, and subject at the core of our intellectual pursuits.  The triangle recognizes the powerful relationships of discovery formed through learning. This approach forms a bond between the student and the teacher at the base of the triangle, in pursuit of a catalyzing subject. This catalyst serves to strengthen the bond between teacher and student through mutual investigation. When optimized, this powerful triangle becomes truly conscience-centered in its quest for knowledge.

Through this powerful core of academic attainment, Hyde values the process of learning in a profound manner, evaluating students with both an effort and achievement grade at every marking period. The effort grade reflects a student’s attitude, intellectual dedication, and character in the classroom.  The achievement grade represents both a student’s mastery of course material and objectives, as well as the quality of work the student completes.  Effort and achievement are combined in assigning a final course grade.

In all pursuits of knowledge, academic, athletic, performance, social, and self-awareness to name a few, Hyde has a commitment to its Learning Promise:

In preparation for life, we develop writers, speakers, and problem solvers through:

  • Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity

In additional to challenging themselves in the classroom and putting their best effort into intellectual endeavors, Hyde students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a desire to be lifelong learners
  • Take risks by choosing courses that appropriately honors academic performance and potential, and challenges intellectual character and work ethic
  • Act out of concern to support their peers with academic struggles
  • Take leadership roles in the classroom and in the community
  • Maintain high expectations for themselves and their classmates

There are also several unique facets of the Hyde academic experience, including:

  • Student self-assessments of effort in the classroom
  • Extensive focus on the craft of writing
  • State of the art recording studio and music program on the Bath campus
  • Singer and songwriter workshop with some of Nashville’s accomplished music industry professionals
  • Professional-grade Digital Arts computer lab with extensive graphic software on the Woodstock campus
  • Continued exposure to frequent and high quality public speaking opportunities for all students
  • Evaluation of both effort and achievement in each class
  • Mutual investigation and collaborative pursuit of knowledge between student and teacher

By maintaining a focus of who we are, rather than what we can do, the Hyde School academic programming enriches minds, builds confidence, and prepares students for life in the classroom and beyond.


Hyde Academics at a Glance:

  • A wide range of courses, including AP and Honors;
  • 1:1 College Counseling
  • A personalized Academic Support Program
  • A 5:1 student/teacher ratio;
  • SAT tutoring;
  • A grading system that recognizes both effort and achievement;
  • Extra help and guidance from our hard-working faculty.

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