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Today's Hyde

Hyde IS:

  • a college prep boarding school ranked as one of the top schools in Maine.
  • a school that focuses on academic excellence, character development and family.
  • a school for traditional learners, underachievers, top-tier scholars, artists, athletes and maverick spirits.
  • a supportive and structured learning environment where students are encouraged to become the best version of themselves.
  • a place where students have the opportunity to do everything. Athletics, the Arts, Music etc. 
  • accredited by the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE), and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
  • a place where impactful relationships are formed and life-long friendships forged.
  • a culturally dynamic and diverse environment where students from around the world joyfully gather to learn, connect and have fun.
  • a proud member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Small Boarding Schools Association (SBSA), and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).
  • a school that sends its graduates to the best colleges and universities in the country.


Hyde IS NOT:

  • a therapeutic boarding school. 
  • a wilderness school.
  • a school for troubled kids.
  • a place for students struggling with severe emotional or behavioral challenges.
  • a behavior modification facility.