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School Leadership

Dear Prospective Hyde Student and Family,

Hyde has been unlocking potential in students since 1966.

Graduating from Hyde School was a defining juncture in my life. Delivering my Hyde graduation speech, as all Hyde School graduates do, became a touchstone for my potential and a vision for my future. Attending boarding school was never part of my plan growing up, yet after initially resisting the idea, I thrived in the challenging atmosphere where virtually everything was co-curricular. While prior achievements in my previous school made me look like a winner to others, I lacked a deep well of confidence and Hyde School helped me connect my strengths to an inner guidance system.  

Hyde School is in a category of one. It is a school that integrates college preparatory academics, character development, and family education. While traditionally known to help the capable student who may not be reaching their full potential, the Hyde co-curricular education helps all types of students - from the student who needs a push to be a leader as well to the student who may already be achieving at a high level and can benefit from a broader range of challenges. 

Hyde School’s co-curriculum has a simple premise - Everyone does Everything. We all:

  • Work on increasing self-awareness;
  • Develop public speaking confidence;
  • Tackle challenges outside of our comfort zones such as academic presentations, sports three seasons a year, performing arts, school-wide job responsibilities, and leadership opportunities;
  • Establish meaningful relationships through a peer and adult culture based on honest conversations and helping each other achieve one’s best. 

Finally, parents are engaged in a comprehensive curriculum that allows them to grow alongside their student/s and strengthen their family vision.

We welcome you to take the Hyde School challenge. You will develop tools that will prepare you for your future as you begin to truly know yourself and then have the courage to be who you are. 

I look forward to seeing you on campus and hearing your story.



Laura D. Gauld '76


Laura Gauld '76
President & Head of School