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Zach '24 and Community Service

This term I did around 10 hours of community service. I spent two hours with Mr. Truluck and three of my friends at Habitat for Humanity. We started by cleaning some cabinets, couches, chairs, and other small stuff. We also built a twin-sized bed and a storage rack. This was honestly pretty fun, and not just because I was with my friends. Cleaning is something I like doing. It was hard at the start because I don’t like germs and I’m usually good about it, but not knowing where this stuff came from was difficult.  Luckily, Henry '24 was on the same page as me so I didn’t feel alone. I felt good about helping because something I’ve been trying to do is one good deed every day and that felt like a week's worth. 

My other eight hours were spent from 7:30 am-3:00 pm on Sunday. My whole day off I was helping with a peewee wrestling meet. This was the second time I’ve done it.  It was entertaining like last time. The meet was hosted at Mt. Ararat, a local public school where I played football. I helped Mat tap and keep score. I did it with my football and wrestling coach, Coach Frankie True. He and a few friends I knew from here made the day go by fast. It’s honestly one of the coolest things to see young kids strive for their best in this sport. Especially because it’s just you out there wrestling one other guy. It takes heart, dedication, and a lot of confidence. 

Zach '24