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Winter Engineering in Mr. Fanta's Class

This past winter term, our engineering class explored hands-on design by working with AutoCAD. The project was to either design a brand-new gymnasium or revitalize the one we have. Through this project, students were able to hone their skills in architectural design, structural design, problem-solving, time management, and team collaboration. Overall, they have gained valuable experience by applying engineering principles to real-world scenarios.

Nebiyu Fanta '19

In the engineering class this winter term we learned how to use AutoCAD, I did not know how AutoCAD worked before learning about it in Mr. Fanta's class. I knew that my father used AutoCAD in his company, but I never tried to understand how works, Mr. Fanta made it very easy to understand, his explanation was through and easily digestible. Working on a gym design for the school was a lot of fun, and engineering is one of my favorite subjects now. Thank you Mr Fanta for making the class funny and easy to understand.

Giuseppe '24

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