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Welcome Back to the Class of ‘24!
At Hyde, there is an elevated expectation for seniors to step up and take leadership in our community. While this may seem not so different from other schools here at Hyde we don’t just expect this from a few seniors, we expect ALL seniors to take leadership.
Last Thursday evening, we welcomed the members of the class of 2024. and initiated a weekend of orienting and coming together as a class. There were many new faces and it was important to spend time getting to know each other, share bits and pieces of who we are, and begin to think more deeply about our strengths and challenges. Throughout the weekend, seniors engaged in Team Building activities and challenges to begin to step outside their comfort zones and build connections. They also began to have in-depth discussions with faculty and each other regarding their leadership in core aspects of our community as well as work with one another on working agreements for our community. As post-graduate Guido Cilliers said, “This year is going to be about finding the best version of ourselves and helping others do the same”. 
On Sunday, the senior class helped welcome the underclassmen and we spent the afternoon meeting members of our Discovery Groups and engaged in name games and icebreaker activities. The following day, everyone was back out in the Sunken Garden to continue to get to know their Discovery Group with a variety of group challenges. The group challenges are a great starting point for developing relationships that will be fostered throughout the year.  Each group rotated through different challenges that created an opportunity to establish trust in the group, take risks and advantage of leadership opportunities, and challenge and support others. And, most importantly, the goal was to have fun, and that we did!
Jen Lobozzo
Spanish Language Faculty and Senior Curriculum