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Teacher Appreciation
The Hyde School faculty are committed to developing curious and confident students both inside and outside of the classroom. By supporting students and challenging them to go after their best, Hyde teachers spend countless hours in the classroom, athletic fields, dorms, and more. We are grateful to have these dedicated educators on our team!
Outside the registrar’s office this week students wrote messages to their teachers. Here are just a few messages from our students.
Ms. Kent, you have made my love for film and editing grow.  Media Production is my favorite class. - Kendra ‘27
Coach CJ, you have really made an impact on my wrestling journey presenting me with so many opportunities. Thank you. - Alexis ‘25
Mr. Fanta! Thank you for helping me when I was struggling. - Julia ‘24
Mrs. Felt is the best! - Domo ‘24
Mrs. Mando thanks for the candy! - The entire school
There are no messages to display.