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STEAM at Hyde:  Introduction to Engineering and Design

In our dynamic world, nurturing young minds to excel in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) is paramount. Our STEAM education program at Hyde School is not just a class; it's an immersive journey that equips students with the skills and mindset to tackle real-world challenges. Structured over three terms, our program is designed to engage, inspire, and transform young learners into proficient problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

  • Term 1: Foundations of Engineering

    • Students embark on their STEAM journey with an exploration of the fundamental principles of engineering and design. They are introduced to the iterative engineering design process, igniting their curiosity and imagination.

    • Through hands-on projects and teamwork, students learn to define problems, brainstorm solutions, fostering their problem-solving skills and creativity.

  • Term 2: Integrated Engineering Projects

    • In this phase, students delve into the world of integrated engineering projects. They tackle complex challenges, such as designing a sustainable community.

    • Through interdisciplinary collaboration, they discover the interconnectedness of engineering disciplines, constructing roads, buildings, and utilities as a team.

  • Term 3: Collaborative Engineering Experience

    • The final term brings real-world experience. Students step into the shoes of engineers in an industry simulation. They learn cost analysis, budgeting, and effective client communication.

    • The term culminates in the students' presentation of their semester-long projects, reflecting their growth in teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication skills.

One student aptly puts it, "Engineering class ignited a fire of creativity inside of me that I didn't know I had.” 


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