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Ski and Snowboard Season '24

Winter in Maine is an awesome experience, and with that comes outdoor winter sports. Each winter we try to take a ski/snowboard trip every Sunday or almost every Sunday, weather permitting to one of our local mountains. This is a great opportunity for seasoned outdoor winter sports athletes to get more days on the mountain and also for beginners who may want to learn how to ski or snowboard for the first time. Every mountain that we go to has rentals available if needed.

If your student is interested in going skiing or snowboarding please contact Sara Levensohn in the business office to fill out the consent form. 

We try to go to a few different mountains throughout the season, so prices on lift tickets, rentals (if needed), and lessons change depending on the mountain.

If you have any questions about the Ski/Snowboard trips please contact Zach Birnbaum '11 who coordinates all of the ski/snowboard trips.