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Discovery Groups Kick Off The Spring Term

The energy here on campus is invigorating! With everyone recharged, it was wonderful to reconnect with our Discovery Groups. During our meetings this past Wednesday, we asked students to reflect on their break –  What was something they felt good about? What was something they would like to improve? How did they rate their Spring Break in relation to our Inner Leadership Model? Reflection is so important to assess where we are at any given time and help us get to where we want to go.

Some things students felt good about doing over their break were helping out around the house; securing a summer job; and sharing their hometown and culture with a friend from school. Some of the things students said they wanted to improve were expressing themselves with more respect at home or getting more structure into their daily lives.

We ended our meeting by asking students to set a specific goal for the spring. Some examples of student goals were to be consistent with a routine; help the lacrosse team win a championship, and getting all Bs and above in academics. Ask your student what their goal is for the spring. Maybe you will even set one for yourself! We inspire our kids when we focus on ourselves and our own growth.

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