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An age old tradition continues with the start of auditions

Winter means that it is time to launch the Hyde School tradition of auditions! We have always been a school that challenges our students to reach for their best, both in and out of their comfort zones: athletics, academics, and the arts alike. A Hyde audition asks that you stand up in front of the entire school and sing a song of your choosing with no accompaniment - for a whole minute. Talk about getting just about everyone out of their comfort zones!  And, in the spirit of the fact that at Hyde everyone gets to do everything, even the faculty do auditions. 

The first round of auditions began before fall break and resumed last week. Some participants used the stage to display their confidence and talent, while some used their moment to build courage, but a great time was had by all. Shoutouts go to Stefan '27, Benji '24, Mary '26, and Elijah '26. We cannot wait to see the energy our students and faculty will bring to the next round!