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Our 10th annual Maine State Leadership Alliance Day at Hyde School hosts more than 1,700 from across the state.  These young leaders converge on our campus for a day of leadership workshops and to hear from speakers who play a leading role in Maine business and non-profits, as well as local and state government.  Many Hyde students lead workshops, while others serve as hosts for the day.

Leadership Day highlights include:

  • Bringing together a field of distinguished adults and aspiring student leaders from the great state of Maine

  • A day to explore the importance of taking first steps towards tackling challenges and persevering through obstacles with determination.

  • Helping students develop a heightened sense of personal self, empathy towards others, and to discover their unique potential as a leader.

On October 26th, Hyde will welcome Maine students back to campus for a day focused on "The Courage to Lead:  Summoning the strength to make a difference."  Our keynote speaker is Jac Arbour, Personal Finance Coach, Author, and Speaker.