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Weekly #18

Pace Project - People Are Created Equal

I remember sitting under the Hyde mansion chandelier over forty-five years ago as a sophomore. A Bowdoin College student had been invited to come to the school to speak about the challenges of being a black man in America. His words had a profound effect on me while I listened.


In many of our school meetings back then, we talked about difficult issues even when the discussions were heated and challenging. At times, the topics were issues like race, sexism, and sexual identity. Other themes included consumerism, teenagers, parents, peer pressure, and the educational system. The underlying foundation at Hyde has always been about the founding statement, “Every Individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.” 


Today, that mission guides us in everything we do. This is our third year of running a winter term, co-curricular series of activities inspired by it: The PACE Project - People are Created Equal. The learning goals for this period are


  1. Learning about ourselves and each other's backgrounds
  2. Being the change that we want to see in the world
  3. Connecting our learning to a character framework


Some of the events will include:

  • Teaching the history of race in our country

  • Sharing our upbringing in our Discovery groups

  • Speakers who will share their own journey to achieve their vision and goals despite facing adversity along the way

  • Activities that will help us see how preconceptions can shape our interactions

  • School meetings and individual presentations 


Growth and change can happen when people come together and share three important things: their visions, strengths, and challenges. With humility and determination, we strive to empower our students to make a difference in the world that so desperately needs more character.


What I heard from that speaker in 1975 is seared into my mind, and it started me on a path to look at myself and others in new ways. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


Laura D. Gauld '76
President & Head of School



Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr 

Written by Geoff McConnell, Teaching Faculty



On Monday, January 16, the school commemorated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   The day started with a school meeting under the chandelier with Seniors Nate Phillips and Hap Edelblut, and myself educating the school about the life of Dr. King and his legacy.  The presentation included curated video segments about the life of Dr. King, as well as recent material on Dr. King's legacy.  School Head Laura Gauld commented that, notwithstanding the fact that she has been exposed to a substantial amount of information about the life of Dr. King, she came away with a new understanding about various facets of Dr. King's life through the presentations that started the day.


After the presentations, the school divided up into Discovery Groups and watched various documentaries about Dr. King and his legacy.  The films included Glory Road, Face to Face (MLK and Malcom X), MLK/FBI and 13th.  In addition to watching the films, the Discovery Groups discussed the impact of the films and the relevance of those films on today's society.  


After lunch, the school reconvened under the chandelier and a frank discussion transpired about race relations in today's society, and the legacy and relevance of Dr. King in 2023.  The school demonstrated that at our best, Hyde is an excellent place to have difficult discussions about important topics.  


The celebration and commemoration of Dr. King this week is also the kickoff to Hyde's PACE (People Are Created Equal) Project, which will continue through the winter trimester.  Through the PACE project, Hyde endeavors to shed light on many facets of current and past inequality so that collectively the school can raise its awareness, and take action consistent with that raised awareness.  The commemoration of Dr. King is just the start, and we look forward to the many lessons and discussions to come through the school's PACE Project.     





Teaching Faculty Geoff McConnell kicking off the morning presentation on Dr. King.



Nate Phillips '23 continues the presentation on Dr. King. 



The Hyde Monthly

Written by Hunter Reid, Teaching Faculty


In the tradition of the Hyde Weekly, Hyde’s Video Production class is working on a new project: The Hyde Monthly.  This new undertaking will document and highlight each month’s exciting events and happenings on campus at Hyde.  Senior Steven Jean-Louis has spearheaded the project, creating original title sequences and segments for the monthly show.  The first complete Hyde Monthly looks to air at the end of the month!




Hap Edelblut '23 and Steven Jean-Louis '23 interview Admissions Staff and Wrestling Coach CJ Jensen about the upcoming Northern New England Wrestling Tournament being held on campus on Saturday, February 4.  



Jeffray Pozharsky '23 Signs to Thomas College


Jeffray Pozharsky '23 has signed to Thomas College, and has committed to play for the Men's Basketball Team for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Congrats Jeff on becoming a future Terrier!  







Wolfpack Recap


Friday, January 13

BJVBB vs Berwick Academy 33 - 20


Swim vs Belfast @Blue Hill YMCA

This weekend the swim team traveled to Blue Hill, ME to swim against Belfast and George Stevens Academy.   Turner Burns '24 dropped a whopping 10 seconds in the 200 freestyle, the same goes for Glan Ge '25 in his 100 freestyle. We had additional PRs from Jayshawn Bruce '24, Rae Cohen '26, Kate Kandalova '25, Lucas Artero '24, and Aurelio Fusco '24.


 Lucas won 2nd in the Men's 100 freestyle!


Paula Jakobi '24 is 3/3, qualifying for states in her third event of the season, took the women's 50 freestyle!


 Aurelio earned his first spot at states qualifying in the men's 50 free.
-Coach Hanley


Saturday, January 14

BVBB vs Brewster 53 - 68

GVBB vs Lexington Christian Academy 67 - 48

Boys Ice Hockey Mt. Ararat/Hyde vs Marshwood/Traip/Sanford/Noble at Bowdoin College 2 - 9


Wrestling Meet at Deerfield

Wrestling traveled to Exeter for a Class A meet against Phillips Exeter and Phillips Andover.


Some highlights:

Zane Boulet '23 picks up a huge 12-8 victory over Andover, win by pin. 


Nate Phillips '23 wins both matches by points against Andover and Exeter. He is now 6-1 on the season. 


Spencer LeClair '23 pins both opponents and continues to be undefeated on the season. 


Max Spring '24 returns to the mat for the first time since his ankle injury and gets a huge pin against Phillips Andover. 

Go Pack! - Coach CJ Jensen 



Wednesday, January 18

BJVBB vs Kents Hill 40 - 37

Boys Ice Hockey Mt. Ararat/Hyde vs Biddeford/Massabesic/Old Orchard at Bowdoin College 3 - 5


Thursday, January 19

BJVBB vs Richmond 23 - 61


Upcoming Games and Meets


Saturday, January 21

Wrestling Quad Meet at Landmark School 1:00pm 

BVBB vs Hebron 2:00pm away


Monday, January 23

Boys Ice Hockey Mt. Ararat/Hyde vs Brunswick at Bowdoin College 8:30pm


Tuesday, January 24

BVJBB vs Kents Hill 4:30pm home


Wednesday, January 25

BVBB vs Gould 3:00pm away

BJVBB vs Belfast 3:30pm home


*Schedule subject to change, please check out Hyde Athletics and Hydeschool_Athletics Instagram handle for updates.