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Weekly #12

That's A Wrap

With a week of exams and tournament play, we wrapped up an exciting fall semester at school. The regular weekly schedule was suspended as students and faculty focused on preparing and taking exams, finishing up their athletic seasons, and anticipating the upcoming break. When we asked the community to share words of gratitude, there were some common threads:


  • "I am grateful for the love and support of my family and friends during what has been the toughest six months of my life."   Malcolm G.
  • "I am grateful for my Hyde family."  Laurie H.
  • "For each and every opportunity that has forced me to make an uncomfortable/life-altering decision in which the outcome was quite positive."  Mike T.
  • "I am grateful for the unconditional love and acceptance of each person in my family." Brittany B.
  • "I am grateful for my co-workers."  Susan D.
  • "I am grateful for the beautiful state of Maine that we get to call home!"  Sara L.
  • "I am grateful for coming here and being a part of this amazing Hyde community." Jayshawn B.
  • "I am grateful for opportunities that have been presented by others to me."  Jasper H.
  • "I am grateful to have people in my life who believe in me and push me to be my best." Lisa G.
  • "I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference!" Teresa C.
  • "I am grateful for friends, family, good health, and opportunities." Katherine M.
  • "I am grateful to work in a community where we strive to be our best, every day."  Susan B.
  • "I am grateful to listen to heartfelt stories from students and faculty at the weekly School Meetings." Wanda S.
  • "I am grateful for the support my team has given me." Jose B.
  • "I am grateful for my educational opportunities, my family, my friends, the environment in which I am surrounded, and my health." Georgina F.
  • "I am grateful for a loving and caring family." Tave C.
  • "I am grateful for family, good health, and being a part of the Hyde community." Mo K.
  • "I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and inspire myself and others." Justin S.
  • "I am grateful for a successful soccer season." Stephen JL.
  • "I am grateful to live in a community that accepts me for who I am and expects my best." Pam B.
  • "I am grateful for being a member of the Hyde community and seeing the growth and evolution of the students."  Matt G.
  • "I am grateful to wake up everyday and be a part of a healthy learning environment." Camryn L.

For me, I am grateful for my family, my husband, my two daughters and their partners along with baby Paul. I am grateful that we had our beloved son in our lives for 28 years. I am grateful to work in a community where so many world-class families and students inspire us all with their determination to strive towards their best selves even when it is challenging to just put one foot in front of the other.


I am also grateful to have the opportunity to step back and recharge after such an action-packed semester. Have a wonderful, healthy, restful and connected break!


Laura D. Gauld '76
President & Head of School


Fall Semester Highlights 






















JUNE 9 - 11, 2023

Fifty seven years ago, the Hyde School story began with fifty seven students. Please join us for a weekend of festivities June 9 - 11, 2023 for the We Are Hyde Reunion in Bath, ME.  More information to come on our Alumni and HAPA page. 




Thanksgiving Break

Written by Katherine Mondanaro, Director of Family Education


Dear Parents,


Our first Hyde break of 2022-23 is nearly here!  Students and faculty are looking forward to some time away from school.


In our Discovery Group meeting today, the students reflected on their ILM forms and the feedback they received from some peers and faculty members regarding their current leadership on campus. Each student shared something that surprised them or stuck with them, something that highlighted one of their strengths, and something that they would work on, moving forward. The idea is that they will continue the growth they have made so far this year during their break from school.


In addition, we discussed a plan for the upcoming break. Some topics we discussed were:


One thing I will do to make sure this is a productive/fun break with my family is: 

(Or - For students not going home:)

A commitment I have to stay in touch with my family over break is:

One thing I will do to make sure I stay healthy and ready for my winter sport is:

One thing I will do so that I feel proud of myself at the end of the break is:


Each student answered these questions for the group, so ask your student about them!


Our hope is for all of you to have a fun and productive break together, or if your student is not coming home, to communicate effectively during the break.

We learned long ago that this is not just on our students. As parents, we have to work at it too. 

To help families with this we have some tried and true activities that work!


Attached is our 3-Point Plan for productive breaks.   We went over this with your students today and hope each of you will follow through with this at home.

In fact, I would recommend you print it off and then ask your student to run the family meeting!


I have also attached an excerpt from Taking Hyde Home by Laura Gauld for you to think about. 


Finally, here are some words of wisdom from HAPA parents, Tom and Traci Nelson:


Here are a few ways The Nelsons attempt to have the happiest, healthiest breaks possible.


 - We try to have a family meeting (or at least sit in the same room together without any technology) the first day of break, and establish some expectations. “Taking out the trash every day without being asked is your job for the next ten days….” etc. We have a conversation about wake up times, meal planning, and time away for visiting friends and how all of that will work. Everyone should participate and everything should be mutually agreed upon and clear. 


 - Take a day and force a family trip of some sort. Even just a good ride, a hike, or going out for lunch is always appreciated and can be lots of fun. Being in the car together also provides an opportunity for a dialogue where no one can escape to their room or out of the house!


 - Keep it simple! The break goes so fast, in an effort to have a ‘super break’, we sometimes overdo, set unrealistic goals, and then are disappointed in the outcome. Our family tries to prioritize the principles: honest communication, respect for each other and the home, family first, and learn as we go. 


Tom and Traci Nelson, John ‘14, James‘20                                                           


Have a wonderful time with your family! Please be in touch with your Discovery Group leader or me if you need help.


With Gratitude,

Katherine Mondanaro


3 Point Plan.pdf

Creating a character culture at home.pdf


Wolfpack Recap


Saturday, November 12

BVS vs Kents Hill MAISAD Championship  5 - 0


XC New England Championships at Marvelwood School in Kent, CT


Hyde cross-country recently finished a tremendous season of growth and competition. New runners and veterans alike worked together through a challenging competition schedule, showing marked improvement each week. Whether at small meets, like our home duals with Hebron, or big, like New Hampshire's famous Manchester Invitational, our team always made a splash. Last weekend's NEPSTA Division 4 championships marked the end of our season, and we went out with a bang! The small-but-mighty girls team included two All New England performances from senior Alyssa Sigfridson (5th place) and Junior Paula Jakobi (12th place), and an outstanding run from sophomore Kate Kandalova (59th place). On the guys' side, junior Jayshawn Bruce (61st place) led the charge against a tough field, followed closely by senior Nate Phillips (103rd), sophomore Alex Wang (136th) and junior Cameron Su (137th).




Other highlights from the season include two first place finishes each from Jayshawn, Paula, and Alyssa —including a MAISAD championship win from Paula! Nate Phillips also earned MAISAD honors, placing 10th in the boys' race. Overall, the team cut an average of almost 6 minutes each off their 5k times from the start of the season to the end.



This Saturday, Paula Jakobi will represent Hyde at the NEPSTA Allstar race at St. Mark's school, competing with the top runners from all four divisions. The team will enjoy some well earned rest next week before starting their winter sports.


- Coach Radosevich


Wednesday, November 16

BVS VS Brimmer and May School NEPSAC 1/4 Finals 3 - 0



Saturday, November 19 

BVS VS Covenant Christian Academy NEPSAC Semifinals 11:00am (home)


NEPSTA Cross Country All Star Meet at St. Mark's School


Sunday, November 20

If BVS wins Saturday, team advance to the NEPSAC Finals at FC Stars in Lancaster, MA 


*Schedule subject to change, please check out Hyde Athletics and Hydeschool_Athletics Instagram handle for updates.  For more sports recaps visit the Hyde Team page at Our Teams