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Hyde Weekly #7

Bully, Bullied, and Bystander


For as long as there have been teenagers, there has been bullying. In today's culture, the added factor of social media in the youth culture has elevated the level of pressure that young people feel to fit in and feel secure in being themselves. Hyde is a family. Most of the time, we pride ourselves on embracing each other and helping others be their best, but we can also have moments where we are not at our best and our words and action lack kindness and respect.


In our weekly school meeting, we explored this topic as we discussed the themes of being bullied, being bullied by others, and being bystanders while someone else was being bullied. Several students and faculty set the tone by sharing some of their earlier experiences around this theme. A faculty member discussed getting picked on as a young kid and feeling inadequate as a result. It made an impression on the students as this faculty member now exudes strength and confidence. A senior discussed growing up in a school community where he looked different than most of the other students and described times when he was treated poorly by his peers.


The school broke up into pairs to discuss the following journaling questions:

  • When in my life have I bullied/disrespected another person? What happened and how did I feel about it?
  • Describe a time when I have been bullied/disrespected. What effect did it have on me?
  • When have I witnessed someone being bullied and let it happen? How did I feel then and how do I feel about it now?
  • Where do I have difficulty accepting the unique potential of others?
  • Describe some of the insecurities/fears that I have had or still have in my life.
  • How does my public self differ from my private self?
  • Who in my life has been a role model for self-respect and respecting others?

As we opened it up to hear comments, the tone in the room shifted as many students and faculty shared deep thoughts about themselves:


"I have always had an insecurity about whether I fit in with others and, while you wouldn't see that now, it is still inside of me all the time."

"I was made fun of by this one kid when I was a freshman before I came to Hyde. He said awful things to me. In the last three years here, I have been accepted. I truly hope that person is in a better place."

"I once bullied a student in middle school, then made peace with him and we were friends. Later, I saw him being bullied by some of my friends and I felt really bad. I tried to do something but it was not enough."


It was a powerful atmosphere where we were able to learn from each other without pointing fingers at others. As one student said to wrap up, "It took a lot of courage for those who spoke up today. We all need to be there for each other."


Laura D. Gauld '76
President & Head of School





College Essay Workshop

Written by Lisa Geller, Faculty



College Essay Day is an annual tradition at Hyde School.  This week, our seniors and post-graduates spent a morning partnered with faculty and volunteers to work on their application essays.  Topics included the importance of family and meaningful relationships, stories of childhood spirit, and times students were challenged to step outside their comfort zone.  The best college essays are genuine and come from the heart, the means of self-expression which come naturally to our students and shined through in their writing.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for each student is to choose the one unique story they want to tell.  The morning was successful not simply because of the time to do this important work, but also because the students continued to learn what makes them unique and to have the courage to share that with others. 














Week In Review 


Sunday, October 9, students took a trip to Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin with Crystal Peltzer, Director of Academic Studies.  The orchard features apple and pumpkin picking along with a bakery that serves fresh apple cider donuts, pies and other Maine made items.   





Wednesday, October 12, faculty members Justin Siekierski and Liz Rhaney took the freshmen and international students to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park during the College Essay Workshop and PSAT testing.  The state park occupies 244 acres on a narrow peninsula that runs between Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River.











To check out more photos visit This Week In Photos.


Wolfpack Recap




Friday, October 7

VFB Mt. Ararat/Hyde vs Spruce Mountain 16-0 W 



Saturday, October 8

BVS vs Hebron 6-0 W

BJVS vs Hebron 0-3 L

GVS vs Hebron 0-9 L 



Upcoming Games and Meets:


Friday, October 14

BVS vs Hebron 4:00pm (home)

VFB Mt. Ararat/Hyde vs Waterville 7:00pm (home)



Saturday, October 15 Fall Family Weekend

XC vs Hebron 1:30pm (home)

BVS vs Hebron 2:00pm (home)

BJVS vs Hebron 2:00pm (home)


Wednesday, October 19

BVS vs Kents Hill 3:00pm (away)

GVS vs Kents Hill 3:00pm (home)


Saturday, October 22

XC vs MAISAD Schools at Kents Hill 1:00pm (away)


*Schedule subject to change, please check the Hyde Athletic calendar and Hyde Athletics Instagram handle for updates. 


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