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One of the goals of Hyde's Inner Leadership development is to help students learn how to have meaningful relationships. More than ever, students do not have the skills to make and keep friends while they are bombarded with social media and are attached to connections made over the internet.

At Hyde, students are taught how to give feedback to peers and as well as adults, and they experience receiving it in turn. There is a long-time Hyde phrase: "If the shoe fits wear it, if not, throw it away." During the senior evaluations, each senior receives feedback from other seniors and the faculty in the following categories:

  • What have been the strengths and growth of this student?
  • What are their challenges and the areas that can get in the way of them achieving their best?
  • What impact has this student had in their time here? What is their legacy?

Some examples of feedback are:

"You are much deeper than what you show to others."

"You took a step with your academic confidence this year and realized that you are more than a great athlete."

"I worry about your decision-making when you try to impress your friends."

"This year, you inspired me with your growth. You are a different person than you were two years ago. I look up to you and want you to know that you have been a role model for me."

"You were a great example to the younger students."

"I challenge you not to play small when you are not sure about your expertise in an area."

"You have made an impact here in your four years and we are very proud of you."

Giving and receiving feedback is an important life skill, and Hyde students work on it every day. 


Laura D. Gauld '76

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