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As much as everyone anticipates the end of the year, it always sneaks up. Suddenly we realize it's time to say goodbye to the graduating class and that year's school community. And what a year 2023-24 has been! Some of the highlights include:

  • Academic honors and college acceptances.
  • Honors presentations in Senior Government that have set a high bar for future student scholars.
  • A Maine State Leadership Day that welcomed a thousand students from around the state for a day of leadership development.
  • Two Family Weekends where parents from around the world came to participate.
  • The Dance Team's performance at the Chocolate Church.
  • Performing Arts rehearsals and shows in the fall and spring.
  • The school-wide public speaking class.
  • A globally diverse student body.
  • The AI Day of Learning with Hyde alum Tony Rae '69.
  • Men's MAISAD Championship wins in Soccer, Lacrosse, and Track and Field.
  • Women's All-American honors in female wrestling and a MAISAD Championship winner in women's singles.
  • Exploration in nature at the Lennox Outside Leadership Center.
  • The student-teacher bonds forged during the year.
  • Faculty evaluations.
  • Meaningful School Meetings and Discovery Group activities.
  • Discovery Group Cup competitions.
  • Senior Evaluations and Graduation 

We thank the class of 2024 for being role models to the underclassmen and for having the courage to set the bar high. They have inspired us all, and, as we saw in the final school meetings, there is a strong cohort of underclassmen who are ready to assume leadership in the coming year and are looking forward to connecting with next year's new Hyde students.

In the end, we are a school with a mission that we live every day. We would not be able to live that mission without the incredible team of faculty and staff that teach, support, challenge, counsel, share, and laugh with our amazing students.  We look forward to a well-deserved summer break and then getting ready to do it all again! 

Laura D. Gauld '76

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