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In most schools and colleges, faculty are either evaluated with a checklist or survey or by anonymous student input. At Hyde, faculty evaluations have always been done "live" in front of the school community. Each faculty member sits at the front of the room and receives comments from the students and faculty in the following categories:

  • Strengths - What are the strengths of this person's teaching?
  • Challenges - What could this person improve upon to be more effective?
  • Special comments - How has this person had an impact on you and your experience here at school?

During the Thursday school meeting, we began this year's faculty evaluations. We started by helping all the new students understand this tradition where we show respect, honesty, and concern while sharing thoughts. Comments made to this week's faculty evaluees included:


  • Never quits on us
  • Enthusiasm about your subject
  • Tough but fair
  • Energy
  • Humor
  • The right balance between serious and fun


  • Sometimes you need to be more strict
  • Allow more student input
  • Don't see you enough around school
  • Listen more before reacting
  • Get to know students outside of your area
  • Ask for help when you need it

Special Comments

  • You brought out my potential as a student.
  • You have been there when I was struggling.
  • You have always been a guide for me throughout my Hyde journey.
  • You believed in me before I believed in myself.
  • You have been a role model for me.
  • Thank you for helping me commit to something larger than myself.

The students did an exceptional job during this important process. As one of the faculty members said, "After all my years as a teacher, this year I have tried to do some things differently, and it was helpful to hear that it is effective.

We are fortunate to have amazing students who can summon the maturity and insight to help us as adults. Growing and improving is a lifelong pursuit.

Laura D. Gauld '76

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