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One of the core character words at Hyde is "Leadership." Unlike the prevailing view that some are born to lead and others to follow, we believe each of us has a unique style of leading ourselves and others. It is developed within; thus we call it "Inner Leadership." Every day, students and faculty are asked to grapple with their best selves in many areas, including classes, performing arts, athletics, Discovery Groups, campus jobs, public speaking, dorm settings, etc.

This week during their Discovery Group meetings, students evaluated their inner leadership. There are five areas that we can work on to discover that leader within.

Self-awareness - We learn about who we are with all our strengths and obstacles, and we develop a sense of vision for the future.

Public Speaking Confidence - We utilize a stronger voice (our playground voice) to learn how to speak confidently and effectively.

Tackling Challenges Outside of One's Comfort Zone - When we take risks and stretch our perceived limits, we let go of the fear of failure and embrace new learning which sets us up for future success.

Meaningful Relationships - By supporting the best in others around us and learning how to have honest conversations, even when they are difficult, we learn how to be part of a community of others. Furthermore, during these conversations each of us gets the support and challenge we need to be our best.

Family Context - Our family passes down to us both our core strengths and their unproductive patterns. When we reflect on our upbringing, we build understanding that can help us let go of unproductive dispositions and build on family strengths.

In all the activities of each day, there are so many opportunities to test oneself and discover and uncover that leader within.


Laura D. Gauld '76

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