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As we wrap up the year, there is palpable energy on campus, even though the warm weather continues to elude us here in Maine. There is plenty of serious work happening—whether that be wrapping up academics, participating in senior evaluations, or testing oneself on the athletic field.

Along with all of those important endeavors, it is also appropriate to create opportunities to connect and enjoy each other as we prepare to say goodbye to this year's school community and the class of 2024. Recently

We Connected

Students, faculty, and even parents, on Spring Family weekend experimented with putting our cell phones away for an extended period. The feedback was more positive than we initially thought, and a group of students and faculty are working on how days like this can be part of next year's schedule. The aim is to learn how to use our technology, as well as how to step back from it, to fully connect to the person standing right next to us.

We Breathed

Sarah Carlin '80 and area educator Julia Gooding came to Hyde this week to conduct a three-day workshop on Mindfulness. They presented the concept of Mindfulness to the school at the morning meeting and then took 30 students on a three-day dive into how Mindfulness can help us be present and work through anxiety, auto-pilot behavior, and short attention spans. The instructors commented on the maturity and insight that our students displayed during the workshop, and many students commented that they came away with tools that would make a difference in their daily schedule.             

We Laughed

Athletic Director Stefan Jensen is known around campus as the "Pied Piper of Enthusiasm.” He and his team have set up the Sunken Garden with volleyball nets, corn hole boards, lacrosse sticks, balls, etc. Throughout the afternoons and on the weekends, laughter can be heard around campus as students and faculty grab a few minutes from the busy day to connect and enjoy each other's company.

As we all know, there is so much unrest in our world and so many serious issues facing us. This week, I was reminded of the gratitude that we have for being part of a school community where we can connect and learn from each other as we prepare our students to make a difference in their future communities.

Laura D. Gauld '76

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