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As our school community continues to embrace the Winter months, we took time today to acknowledge student learning with the Winter Academic Honors. Director of Studies, Crystal Peltzer said to the students, "Today we will acknowledge those students whose effort and curiosity set the standard for Hyde academics." Each subject matter acknowledged an "Effort in Learning" and  "Excellence in Learning."  Each faculty member wrote about the nominated students, highlighting the key attributes of each.

There were a few students who were nominated in three categories and one who was nominated for her effort in four categories:

Three nominations

Alvilia '25
Eli '26
Nele '24
Vladimir '24

Four nominations

Julia '24

Congratulations to those who were honored today and we thank you for inspiring all of us to remember that each one of us can cultivate a strong learning attitude that will guide us to our unique potential.


Laura D. Gauld '76

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